Update on plans for February Event

Hey folks,

We need to get together to discuss all this stuff – There’s a tonne of updates to the project below…

Most importantly to take a look at all the available buildings and work out which to peruse
We also need to catch up with AONTAS early next week (possibly Monday)
When suits folks?

AONTAS have spoken to

DCC Arts – we are on mailing list (very occasional, probably not something to rely on) – applications closed for this year

Pretty Vacant – recommend contacting landlords directly
and others

Supplied us with list of possible buildings – see below

Transcolonia Meeting (Blaithin Quinn)
8th October 2012

Transcolonia have been involved in a number of initiatives that utilized empty spaces for art / architecture projects
all have been provided free of charge by developers

Things Developers Like

1) References
Academic References
References from Exchange
Reference from Dublin Contemporary
Reference from AONTAS

2) Public Liability Insurance
Apparent pop-up public liability insurance is available
Cost about 300 euro for transcolonia
Blathin will provide info on providers
Lasts 1 year and covers multiple events

3) Example Temporary License
– 1 week, we come and go, no damage to property etc
– Could use modified TBCT license (lol)

4) Examples of Previous Work
– Photos and text of Open Learning Ireland Open Days

Potential Spaces

1) Empty shop fronts owned by Point Village Developers
– one room is glass fronted
– seems ideal, except perhaps for location
– Previously used for ‘Biennial Dublin’ Exhibition
– located at O2 stop on LUAS Green Line (immediately to the right of the Odeon cinema)
– 3 room space (100 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters)

2) 13 North Great Georges St
– Previously used for Architecture Ireland Open House
– Might have safety and heating issues

3) Space on Capel St
(no info)

4) Daylight Building on Quays
(no info)

5) Creation Arcade off Grafton St

6) DIT Building behind central bank

7) Treasury Holdings Building
– second last LUAS green line stop
– behind and to right of the stop

8) DCC Vacant Spaces (small list)

9) Nama, properties enforced (huge list)

10) Shared Use of Existing venues
– e.g.: 35a Barrow Street, Exchange Dublin, the Little Green Street Gallery and the Art Tunnel, Smithfield

Building Needed

Multiroom, multi-use
Quiet / comfortable space, Loud / messy space – ideally workshop
For end of Feb

Ideas for the event

Initial artists workshops to produce site specific exhibition for duration of popup
Excel sheet for workshop runners to fill in

· Name of workshop
· Previous experience required of attendees
· Target audience
· Learning goal of workshop
· Materials Required

Provide Post workshop discussion time – after all lecture type workshops

Need to recruit volunteers
– volunteering Ireland
Art in slack spaces document

Speaking at conferences leading up to event to get ideas out there
– Visual artists Ireland newsletter
– Educational conferences?

– Hi profile folks
– Radical possibilities for the future of education in Ireland

Producing Educational tools and materials
– might be a worthwhile contribution of the project
– Gareth has several prezi and powerpoint lecture
o Blogging with wordpress,
o Introduction to object relations in psychotherapy
o Writing for standup comedy
o Communications Lectures (from exchange words)

– Can record audio with slides and put on youtube
– Good way to promote project and also provides a cool utility

– need to get a press release out as soon as we have a building sorted
– get media interviews / articles etc

Interesting Open art studio in Denmark

People on Board to do workshops right now

Gareth Stack
Sebastian Dooris
Naomi Elster
Andrew Edgar
Jules Fitzsimons
David Collins

Contacts So Far

On Board

Gamepak (Andrew Edgar)
Nora O Morchu (runs art hack stuff) – on board if she’s still in country (gif workshop)


Dublin Intellectual (Marisa Rowan)
– need to get back to them in a week or so
Sam Bishop (Gluaiseacht / Dublin Skill share)
Knowledge Exchange
– still waiting on mailing list from Richie

No Response
MCor Technologies (3d printing)
Chocolate Box (new art space)
Saor Ollscoil (university)

Definite No

Recyclism (hacklab)

Need to contact


Funding Opportunities

DCC Arts office grant – 26th October


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