Minutes 28.01.13

Meeting Minutes 28.01.13

Present: Richard Ryan, Thomas Stewart, Gareth Stack, Kenneth Regan, Kavanista, Andrew Edgar

– Lots of new workshops committed
– full list of stuff – in the Google Docs in ‘members’ section of ‘Schedule, Resource List, Member List’ doc
– list of 100% confirmed on the wordpress (please feel free to update)
=> This is where we can post a more developed schedule
– We need to start making this NOW (as in at this meeting)
– RE: confirming all questions from previous meeting with Dubzland – don’t have a contact address for them, waiting to hear back from facebook

Gareth – Meeting with Ré Dubhthaigh
– Re has a new initiative in early stages – a virtual fablab
– this will be a tool / resource / skill share for high end micro-manufacturing machinery and skills
(e.g.: CNS, plotter cutter etc)
– ultimately they want to make available to schools, build into curriculum
– this will provide an alternative method of access for tools of production and encourage an agentic perception of the mutability of physical  social and political world
– For OLI Feb – they will bring along their new Plotter Cutter (provided it arrives and works etc)
– Space needed – one desk
=> happy to share with other maker / hard hack stuff
=> perhaps we can set aside a day for this

Re might also be able to create vinyl signage for us

Caoimhe from NCAD TFE
– They won’t have time to do hedge school stuff
– BUT – They can donate us – ‘fake grass’ – green astroturf stuff, would be perfect for upstairs
– also some learning furniture – http://www.hedgeschooldublin.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/IMG_22021.jpg
– and l-walls (for tables, we’d need to supply tops)

Gareth – Meeting with Dublin Volunteer Centre
– They will draft 2 general volunteer call outs for us
=> one under art & culture, one under education
DRAFT – http://volunteering.force.com/VCI_Vacancy_Detail?id=a00D000000LOTgvIAH

They can also offer us volunteer management training
– 7th March 6PM (2 hours)
Then 2 day workshop in April

– They’ve sent us a tonne of documentation on how to specify volunteer roles, advertise etc (which is all in the Google Docs)

We need to consider
1 – how to bring on board / integrate new people
2 – how to draft roles
=> breakdown work into necessities vs ideal
3 – how to communicate personally with new recruits
4 – need written volunteer policy for recruits to read
(part of a general pack explaining our approach? like Valve manual?)
5 – Need to contact department heads etc at media colleges, PR, and event management
=> get them to put up poster / put out call for volunteers
6 – Also active link – work placing an advert here

Roles we’re looking for
– Event Staff (general volunteers)
– PR flak
=> take care of poster
=> mapping route to the venue
=> getting interviews with media
=> putting together info pack
=> putting out the poster
– gareth – contact Dan Grey

– Volunteer organiser
=> arranging meetings

– Audience Registrations

– Scheduling
=> building a schedule
=> communicating with all workshop folks immediately on application
=> passing on scheduling information etc

– AV Recording

– Light / Sound Tech

– Workshop folks

General volunteers
2 shifts per day * 2 at reg desk + 1 upstairs + 1 downstairs * 6 days
= 64 general volunteers (if one shift each)

PR – Update from Shane?
AONTAS are doing a good deal of promo including a big press event on the 18th
– they need to know how much storage space we’d need during event / post event

Other workshops?

Could approach Chocolate Factory
Need to hear back from NCAD TFE folks

We are calling the rooms
R1 – downstairs = The Long Room
R2 – upstairs = The Loft

R1 – will be primary talks locaiton
R2 – will be primary hack location
Need to include cleaning and ‘dressing’ of registration area in setup

– Need to design / print hardcopy feedback forms
– for future funding applications etc

Update on Gig / Fundraiser
– Haven’t been able to contact Richie / Dublanz
– provisional gig date 22nd Feb

Future Meetings
– From next week, meetings will be in basement of Sweenys to accommodate larger group numbers

Official Opening
Scheduled for Tuesday 1PM
– invite interested and important folks

Andrew Edgar will take on role of A/V tech manager

We have a schedule! – It’s a publicly shared Google calendar (running off openlearningireland@gmail.com account). Will embed on site once more folks are locked in. For now, link is

To Do

– We will mentor new folks – buddy system, as of next week
(everyone but Richie is free to do this

Need to get in contact with Dubzland – unreachable right now

Gareth – phone folks who have / have not confirmed
– lock down times
– will make map for website
– will chase Richie / Dubzland
– chase Shane re: publicity

– Will pursue gig org

– will make facebook events for individual talks / workshops
in collab with providers


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