Minutes, Open Learning Ireland Meeting 14.11.12

Present – Sebastian Dooris, Gareth Stack, Thomas Stewart, Richard Ryan

Updates on the project

1) Tom’s Essex Gate OLI sub project has won an award as part of the Dublin Design Charette. He will blog about this soon

2) Camara are on board – Seb will get back to them with hard / soft needs
=> need to pick our ‘ideal setup’ (software and hardware – e.g.: final cut etc)
=> minimum setup – e.g.: machines for just coding / web
=> medium setup – e.g.: Open source video, audio, image editing software
(blendr, gimp, audacity)

3) NCAD TFE are on board – to run workshop & possibly provide furniture

4) AONTAS will cover insurance

5) Near FM, are on board, to teach workshop

6) Various folks are willing to take part in panels: Norah (Makeshop),

7) We’ve looked at buildings, and compiled a list – Seb has looked at some more and will post to blog soon.
Dependencies: Insurance, Licence, References, Blurb about our project.

Agreed Actions

1) Agreed – Break up February learning week into Strands / Streams will help to give time segments a distinct theme, and help give ownership to individuals of sub times.

– Knowledge Exchange (Richie)

– Forbidden knowledge (Tom),

– taking part in science

– creative writing (Gareth, Coilin, Naomi)

– art and design (Caoimhe NCAD, Mary Exchange)

– hard hack
=> (e.g.: White Space Ireland, Open Data people, Trinity Pirate Party, Austistici hacker network

– soft hack
=> cypherpunks

– AONTAS learning network

2) Org structure for February Popup (and beyond?)

Robin Caffola’s idea proposal: European Presidency like structure.

Roles have fixed terms (3 months when up and running full time, just for this week initially, we’ll select roles later), main task is to train successor (so six months total in a position). Each position has two deputies. Combine fun and challenging tasks in each role – e.g.: finance and spending. Build in prestige – titles, benefits, privileges, certification.

Section on the website detailing roles and achievements (egoboo / social honour).

3) Need to develop an ethos
– stating open learning Ireland’s goals, ‘aspiration on paper’
– What we do, and what we’re trying to do
– ‘Are you being lovely’
– Gareth will create draft on Google docs – all can comment

4) Apply for funding – Leargas, Gluaiseacht
– can someone take ownership of this?
– need to situate in a European context – get in touch / partner with UK unskools etc

5) Collaborating with Upstart
– need to meet to work out details of proposed collaboration

6) Aims going forward
– Movable feast rather than one building
– ideally move every one to two months – avoids rates issues – possibilities of free buildings
– opportunity to service multiple areas etc

7) Stats for Feb Week
– need to have membership signup for participants
– membership card
– build out email list
– Gareth will create spreadsheet (of participants and attendees)

8) Media contact details
– need to get current list for event promotion
– perhaps from AONTAS, Upstart

9) Workshops for Feb

Process mapping – for OLI
– need to speak to Tom’s friend to organise

Design future permanent space
– based on ‘some thoughts about the future’

Things that need doing

1) OLI – Nicely designed documentation explaining our purpose and our past events
– for potential landlods

2) Write Exchange Reference – Get Tom To Sign
Ditto Reference from Skillshare Festival and Dublin Contemporary

3) Contacting LANDLORDS
(after insurance arranged)

4) Initial Contact Emails to…
– college innovation units – possible source of resources like net access for February
– Bridge 21 (Claire – via Emma)
– H2 Learning – Digital Hub – Logan Mclane – http://www.h2learning.com/
– Science week people – http://www.tog.ie/2011/11/science-week-2011/
– Coder Dojo Dublin – James Crook
– Inventorium – Fiona Hyland
– Intel Summerhill project
– Clare from Near TV – Via Dorothee
– DCTV – ‘We’re At’ project
– Mutant Space
– Bernie Goldbach

5) Start finding people for 3 panels- Already on board – Blathin Quinn, Aoibheann McCarthy, Re Dubhthaigh

6) Find volunteers (once we have a date) – volunteering Ireland etc

7) Figure out storage space
– this will become an issue very quickly – e.g.: Seb has donated laptops
– perhaps AONTAS can help with a storage room

8) Proper Bio’s for website
– detailing volunteer background
– AND: what they are willing to teach / run workshops on

9) Skillbase / resource spreadsheet
– name, number, resources (physical and teaching)

10) Figure out mechanisms for funding
– that are compatible with providing free workshops etc
– possibly hiring professional fund raiser on commission

11) Examine Incorporation
– Are there any co-op advantages (ask Robin)
– Otherwise, incorporate as company ltd by guarantee

12) Make Bank Account – couple of members need to sign on (Bank of Ireland)

13) Cost Health And Safety Personnel for Feb
– order of malta / st johns ambulance

14) Cost equipment storage – long term self storage

15) Figure out transport of equipment / furniture for Feb

16) Make list / spreadsheet of needed resources
– basic – light, heat etc
– chairs – number depends on building – say 80
– equipment
– whiteboards, blackboards (paint on plywood)
– need / have / want
– create a buy this for us section on website
– before event – make a callout for resources
=> label and catalog what we recieve

17) Setup mailing list (based on google group)
– with signup widget on website

18)  Find events to perform / speak at to promote OLI and February Pop-up

a. Flight of Ideas – http://facebook.com/flightofideasdublin
b. Inventorium – Open Mic Idea Jam – inventorium.com – this one is tonight 16thOctober – Stags Head 7-10PM – can anyone go?
c. Idea Lab (6 week course in Science Gallery) – Gareth has signed up, and will attempt to promote OLI through it
e. Future Science Gallery Ignite Talks – Gareth has done this in the past, they might be open to having one of us again


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