Minutes Open Learning Ireland Meeting – 26.11.12

Minutes Open Learning Ireland Meeting – 26.11.12


Attending – Gareth Stack, Naomi Elster, Sebastian Dooris


We now have insurance from JLT – all details in Google Docs

We have logos – in Google Docs

We have rough landlord brochure – in Google Docs

Meetings from now on  – Monday at 7PM

Possible Backup Venue
– Myra Hall – Francis St
– Elderly Caretaker
– Naomi Contact

May need event security
– potentially pay out of donations

We have created a centralised resource, human resource, workshop planning thing in docs


We’ve taken on roles – for current event

Scheduling – Gareth
Volunteer Co-ordination – Naomi
PR – Gareth
Content Creation?
Health and Safety – Seb
Documentation / Archive – Gareth
Asset Management – Seb

To Do

Ad volunteering form to website

– Gareth

Get model volunteer forms from Exchange Dublin
Gareth – DONE (in docs)

Fill in Garda Vetting and leave into Volunteering Dublin

Collate landlord contact details
Gareth – for our list of buildings
Seb – both trips – finish putting up blogpost

Investigate Leargas Funding
– Naomi – http://www.leargas.ie/programme_apply_detail.php?guideline_code=226&prog_code=7070

– find dedicated social media person – ideally with existing twitter following
– dedicated special needs person

Contact more folks for streams / workshops
Gareth – Exchange Processing Group, new Exchange Art Group (Sean’s housemate)
Niamh – AONTAS groups

Contact Louise Marlborough – Pretty Vacant

Get references
– pending email from Sam Bishop
– pending meeting with Ciara Cavanagh

Finish Brochure for Landlords
– include reviews of events – from Jin / Coilin?

Create Draft Programme For Landlords

Record audio to go along with prezi talk

Create press release based on Landlord Brochure
– shortened to 1 A4 page, minus bios etc
– 2 press releases – one about org and one about event
(once building secured)
=> emphasise recession, free, young, opportunity, volunteer, free, workshops etc

Compile photos
Seb – create flickr and upload all previous event photos

Create Leaflet
A5 – brief, links to images, twitter, facebook, quotes from users

Confirm if Robby is still interested

Contact other organisations
– e.g.: Irish Feminist Network, Mutantspace, unemployed college graduates

Ask Niamh Farren about possible storage space – for laptops etc

Blaithin Quinne – Harry Crosby – Dublin Biennial buildings

Look into costs of registering as a charity

Go to Ulster Bank – Seb & Gareth – set up a bank account

Contact landlords


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