Meeting Minutes 21.01.13

Meeting Minutes 21.01.13

Present: Gareth Stack, Richard Ryan, Sebastian Dooris, Thomas Stewart

* Security – need to advise folks that there’s no alarm on building or security for stuff left over night.

* Meeting with volunteer Ireland – Friday at 3.30PM

* Richie – 5 days of holidays – can be around for a large chunk of the week
=> friend does graphic design

* Gareth has confirmed with all scheduled folks in spreadsheet
– please add other folks to this

* Andrew – planning fund raising gig and other possible hacklab workshops

* Garda vetting – Gareth hassle folks

* Richie – will see if Ann Sexton is interested.

* Registration arrangements – pen and paper – need table and rota

* Need to put out call for transport

* Queries for Dubzland
moving stuff out of space via van with our help
PA system
electricity cost and extensions
days for setup – 2 days either end
Cleaning stuff

– via email

1. Volunteering – have we put out a call, eg on websites like Creative Careers, Volunteering Ireland?

2. PR – put a press pack of sorts together – I said I would do this but I don’t think I can do it in enough time, I’m sorry. Get more media-sociable people on social media and try to get in touch with local/community papers, radio, well-read blogs, etc, and anyone that might give us a mention.

3. Content – I’m following up on things here with TOG, Upstart, and a few individuals who may be able to help out either providing or getting us in touch with people who will provide content.


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