Spotlight on workshop: Come Here To Me! on history and research on the Internet

Come here to me book
How to research history online, through interviews and using public archives.

The writers of the Come Here To Me blog and upcoming book will speak on:
– Setting up blog, FB and Twitter page for a project, history or otherwise.
– Using history resources (newspapers, google books, google scholar, census records, old OSI maps etc.)
– Recording interviews with individuals
– Using archives and libraries

This will all be intertwined with anecdotes and stories from the blog itself

All welcome.

When / Where
5.00PM, Thursday 28th February
Cinema Room, Downstairs, Seomra Spraoi, Belvedere Court, Dublin 1

This workshops is part of our Learn Something; Share Something; Do Something week of free workshops and classes. Full schedule here.


Sam is currently completing an Archives and Record Management Masters Degree in UCD. He finished his B.A. in History and Politics there in 2011. His main research topics include Dublin’s live music scene (1976 – 1984) international connections to the Easter Rising, Dublin’s youth subcultures and the social history of UCD. He has previously worked with the Irish Labour History Museum in Dublin, the Peoples History Museum in Manchester and the Digital Repository of Ireland in Maynooth. I

D Fallon (Donal Ó Fallúin) writes mainly on his two passions, the social history of the Irish capital and the beautiful game that is League of Ireland football. He is a Saint Patrick’s Athletic supporter of good west Dublin (and south of the river) origins. He works with Historical Insights providing tours of the capital, and has written on the history of Dublin for a variety of outlets including History Ireland, Red Pepper, the Sunday Independent and elsewhere, as well as appearing on Newstalk and RTE radio discussing the history of Dublin. He is currently researching youth criminality in 1930′s Dublin, focusing in particular on gang culture.

hXci (Ciarán Murray) is the only non-native on the CHTM! team; don’t hold it against him. He’s been living in Dublin since 2001, when he moved here to study a degree in English and Philosophy in UCD. His main interests lie in social and political history, Irish music and literature, and, like the other two, League of Ireland football, in particular Bohemian FC. He also has a penchant for wandering the streets of Dublin with his camera, taking the most random of shots. He lives within sight of the Ha’penny Bridge, on the Northside of course.

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  1. Hi! Interesting. Would you mind sharing a SlideShare or Prezi link of the presentation afterwards? Would be much appreciated (and it would broaden your reach extensively)!
    Go raibh mile maith agat agus slán go fóill,

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