Spotlight on workshop: Using CeltX to write short films

CeltX is a free open source solution for scriptwriting for radio, stage and screen. The software allows online collaboration and automatically formats scripts into a variety of specific formats, including screenplay and BBC radio.

Lecture-dem, hands-on trialling, leading to a one or two page script!
This will introduce wannabe scriptwriters to the free version of CeltX and work through some basic writing tips.

1. Intro: how to use CeltX (10 mins plus 5 mins hands-on)
2. Script basics: Action, Dialogue, Sluglines (10 mins plus 5 mins hands-on)
3. Character intros: how to describe your characters (5 mins plus 5 mins hands-on)
4. Expressing actions (10 mins plus 5 mins hands-on)
5. Scenes: putting it down onto the page (20 mins hands-on)
6. Sharing & Feedback (15 mins)

Anyone interested in script writing, drama, or writing for radio. All skill levels, beginners and experts welcome.

When / Where
4.30PM, Wednesday 27th February
Cinema Room, Downstairs, Seomra Spraoi, Belvedere Court, Dublin 1

This workshops is part of our Learn Something; Share Something; Do Something week of free workshops and classes. Full schedule here.


Dr Deveril
Deveril is the co-convenor of the SMARTlab PhD Programme, and the incumbent co-convenor of the new SMARTlab MA in Creative Technology Innovation. He also leads the core research cluster on Performance Technologies. A professional film maker and performer as well as trained philosopher, he has a diverse background and range of skills. From studying Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway in the early 1990s, Deveril has moved through the fields of dance, new media and filmmaking as practitioner, teacher and researcher. He currently specializes in moderating and facilitating community film and media training for non-standard learners.

Deveril is an expert in leading, documenting and assessing movement and video-based projects, especially those in school environments or with teachers and young people (mixed abilities). His academic work has included investigating the use of hypertext techniques in the analysis of dance. His practical work has been across the areas of dance-on-screen (artistic and documentary); live and mediated performance; teaching and facilitating film-making; and a variety of youth projects. He is an independent film-maker, who trained as a director and video-editor. Recent work has given him DVD-authoring expertise and high definition (HD) experience. Deveril has worked in a range of contexts in the arts, and as a teacher, researcher and supervisor across higher education, and a writer of academic, film and other texts. His film and video work has been shown on television and in festivals, and his main academic writing has been published by Dance Books and Macmillan-Palgrave.


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