Open Learning Ireland – Vacant Spaces Expedition 20th October 2012

Open Learning Ireland – Vacant Spaces Expedition – 20th October 2012

Attending: Gareth Stack, Seb Dooris

We took a walking tour of vacant properties in the city centre, and on the RED LUAS line. To check out, in person, what spaces might be suitable for our February pop-up. Sebastian Dooris took the photos below, which reveal a wealth of potential spaces, both for this and other projects.


1. Point Village Properties

(previously used for Dublin Biennial)
– Developer Harry Crosbie
– Retail 1 – Single big space, left of Odeon
– Retail 4 – (looks previously used for gallery space)
– Retail 5




2. Treasury Holdings Building

(now in NAMA – Grand Canal St, D2)
– Appears to be in use – although now under NAMA
– are units free?




3. Creation Arcade

– between Grafton St and Dawson St, beside Royal Hibernian Shopping Centre
– great location
– several separate units, all disused
– not possible to tell internal state of units




4. CHQ Building IFSC

– lovely building relatively central
– several large ground floor units
– 8 basement units (2 of which are infrastructural)
=> stairway access from ground floor
– might be noise pollution problems




5. No 3 Spencer Dock

– Central bank building on RED LUAS line
– two enormous open spaces, either side of Bank of Ireland
=> on left = one open space (high ceilings)
=> on right => space curving into multiple sub spaces (also high ceilings)
=> would require renting / borrowing 3 meter high office partitions
– estate management – Dan Boyd (estate director)




6. Castleforbes House

– Red LUAS line
– 2 large ground floor rooms – 1 carpeted, 1 hard floor (tiled), low ceilings
– also more space – several doors down in another unit (beside FM104)




7. City Assembly House, South William St

– no idea of feasibility of this one
– amazing georgian building, leased by Irish Georgian society from DCC




Other Options!

a) Wesley House – site of Skillshare Festival weekend last year
– multiroom space attached to a church

b) 13 North Great Georges St


Check out much more detailed images


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