‘Madness’, psychotherapy and medication

Notes from talk delivered 26th February at Open Learning Ireland Topics 0 – Stats 1 – History of mental illness treatment 2 – Modern ideas about mental illness 3 – Psychiatric / Personality disorders 4 – Diagnosis 5 – Psychiatric Medication 6 – Different types of treatment practitioner 7 – Different types of therapy 8 … Continue reading

Awesome development meetings – Round 2!

TFE Research Group (NCAD) Meeting Present: Gareth Stack, Thomas Stewart, Sebastian Dooris, Emma Creighton, Caoimhe Mac Mahon 02/11/12 TFE Research Group – http://www.tferesearch.com/ – task furniture in education Research on ‘design thinking’ approaches – formal and informal learning Run design day workshops Develop physical tools, furniture, technologies Including ‘learning furniture’ and ‘physical tools to make … Continue reading

Some Thoughts about the Future

What would our dream permanent space look like? – bathrooms * 2 – software lab / games room – lecture rooms * 2 (with AV setup) – workshop * 1 – storage * 2 – meeting room – office – quiet study space / library – social space – reception What about a movable feast? … Continue reading

Open Learning Ireland – Vacant Spaces Expedition 20th October 2012

Open Learning Ireland – Vacant Spaces Expedition – 20th October 2012 Attending: Gareth Stack, Seb Dooris We took a walking tour of vacant properties in the city centre, and on the RED LUAS line. To check out, in person, what spaces might be suitable for our February pop-up. Sebastian Dooris took the photos below, which … Continue reading

Idealab – Week 1

I’m attending a course called ‘Idealab’ at the Science Gallery. This is the first adult evening course ever to be offered free by the Science Gallery; and is a kind of incubator for design based projects that can have an impact on the city. I’m using this opportunity to promote Open Learning Ireland as an … Continue reading

Turning Learning On It’s Head

This article was originally published in the Spring 2012 Issue of AONTAS’s Explore Magazine. You can download a copy of that issue here. Lets start with a thought experiment, imagine a baby learning to talk – getting out its first few syllables, imitating it’s parents, until finally it can say a word, a complete sentence. … Continue reading

Unstructured Notes, Open Learning @ Ignite

These notes were originally part of research compiled for the lecture ‘Genius is as common as dirt‘, delivered at Ignite in the Electric Picnic, 2011. Download these notes as PDF.