Some Thoughts about the Future

What would our dream permanent space look like?

– bathrooms * 2
– software lab / games room
– lecture rooms * 2 (with AV setup)
– workshop * 1
– storage * 2
– meeting room
– office
– quiet study space / library
– social space
– reception

What about a movable feast?

Stay in a particular property until it becomes filled? Or for a set period (say 1 month)
– then move?
– work as a living advertisement for a given property?


Building rental / RATES

IT requirements
– enough storage space for large amounts of rich media (ideally several hundred gig)
– internet access
– AV recording equipment and pipeline for auto edit / upload

Others – heat, light, power, refuse, internet, insurance, company / charity registration, yearly audit

Volunteer organisation

Manage the project – with roles for volunteers. Roles have fixed terms.
3 month duration, main task is to train successor (so six months total in a position).
Each position has two deputies.
Combine fun and challenging tasks in each role – e.g.: finance and spending.
Build in prestige – titles, benefits, privileges, certification.

How to make viable long term?

Corporate Sponsorship?
Freemium model? (e.g.: memberships)
State funding – as next gen library, prototype adult learning centre

Collaborating with Learning Innovation unit in Irish University
– we provide educational content (lectures etc)
– and experimental workshop environments
– in exchange for bandwidth, admin, computers

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