Minutes Open Learning Ireland Meeting – 03.12.02

Minutes Open Learning Ireland Meeting – 03.12.02


Present: Gareth Stack, Tom Stewart, Naomi Elster, Sebastian Dooris, Shane Conneely, Franck Omer
1) Appointed Tom Stewart as Chair

2) Appointed Naomi Elster as Secretary

3) Filled in signatory aspect of bank account application form AIB

4a) Report Tom
– Rachel O’Dywer interested in giving talk on white space spectrum
– contacted project manager from Culture Trust
=> re: their mandate for creative learning
– also Open Minds amateur philosophers organisation
=> re: forbidden knowledge strand

4b) Report Gareth
– We now have everything needed to proceed to contacting property owners
=> References, insurance, brochure
– Preliminary contacts made with Spenser Properties (although they are in receivership)
and through Dublin Biennial with Harry Crosby Properties
– Also with Louise Marlborough (Pretty Vacant)
– Forbidden Knowledge Strand definition –
=> ‘Information hidden, forgotten or concealed, taboo texts and heretical observations, secret practices and underhanded tricks’

4c) Report Naomi
– Meeting outreach folks from Science Gallery tomorrow
=> re: contacts, advice, resources
– contacts made with other amateur science orgs etc – re: science stream content
– initial contact made with Leargas

4d) Report Seb
– Contacted Camara – they are willing to lend us 10 computers, we need to give them a date

5) Signatories approved for bank account
– Gareth, Tom, Naomi, Seb
– any two needed for cheque

6) We will develop articles of association based on Exchange articles, through collaboration on the Google docs

7) Broad Organisational Structure suggested
– re: details we need to consider for company / charity registration and bank account

Objects of OLI

Advancement of education
Specifically – Free, non-coercive, inclusive, peer learning, radically democratic and reactive
Ultimately – The creation of alternative free learning space

What Do We Do?

Provide the public with learning opportunities that would not normally be publically available. Access to academic books, journal articles, maker tools, scientific instruments and free inclusive workshops and lectures of all kinds.
Increase the motivation, self determination and self efficacy of our members through promoting competence, autonomy and relatedness.

8) Dates – AONTAS Learning Festival
– Monday 25th February – Sunday 2nd March
– We should be around then

To Do

Naomi – Need to fill in bank account form
– then all signatories need to converge on bank at time to be arranged
– Contact Dublin, City Of Science Folks

Gareth & Naomi
Pursue more contact info from property owners etc

– Contact Bobby McLaughlin, re: co-counselling workshop
– Contact Claire Tighe, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland
– Ask TFE for a reference

– look back through minutes etc to find details of database of properties

– Will speak to property owners and digital hub folks


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