Meeting Minutes 17.12.12

Meeting Minutes 17.12.12


Present: Patrick King, Naomi Elster, Seb Dooris,  Gareth Stack

1) Gareth talked through existing contacts with property owners
– Right now we have many possibilities but still nothing secured for February
– We need more folks to take on contacting property owners / organisations

2) Patrick King – Cloudthink – schools outreach, science experiments and e learning resources
– interested in teaching e-learning resources
– weekly science clubs – high intensity
– math classes

– recommend coderdojo – James Crook

We should talk to makeshop about resources resources

– we should contact – dcc alternative school thing

– for oli event – would like to give a tour of e-learning resources

TCD have lots of teaching volunteers – e.g.: adult literacy
– SUAS, write up, VDP etc

3) Naomi
– science gallery – deputy community outreach, like the idea – event in conjunction
– put us in contact with their previous lecturers etc
– hierarchical structure –

Tog – Jeffrey Roe – been on mailing list – thinks we could do stuff
– misconception – about how TOG are working – wants to meet him

4) Seb

Camara want a date for our event
– providing 10 laptops (windows)
seb himself is providing 10 linux boxen
– Patrick best social return on investment


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