New Venue for February Event!


Hi folks, we’re proud to announce a change of venue for our Learn Something; Share Something; Do Something event Feb 25th – March 2nd. Open Learning Ireland will be resident at the Seomra Spraoi autonomous social space. Seomra is located at 10 Belvedere Court, off Gardener St in Dublin 1 (directions here).

Seomra have been providing a space for non-commercial groups and events in Dublin for many years, and play host to a vibrant community of artists and activists. Seomra, like Open Learning Ireland, is a volunteer run, consensus based group, emphasising inclusiveness and working to create and inclusive non-hierarchical space. Seomra also run a variety of educational activies, like their bike workshop (pictured above), and Basque Language Lessons which fit into our mission.

Working with Seomra will allow us to expand our range of activities and reach a much wider audience. You can find out more about Seomra and their activities and policies at their website –


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