Minutes 04.03.13

Minutes 04.03.13   Notes from closing meeting – morning lectures (low attendance) – suggestion for pre-registration – seomra happy – people found location (seomra hard to find) – streams / season on topic => improve thematics / coherence => divide between thinking / tinkering / expressive workshops (expressive arts / narrative art) (madness / dreams) … Continue reading

Guide for volunteers @ Learn Something; Share Something; Do Something

Open Learning Ireland Background We are a volunteer run group dedicated to creating a permanent, open access learning space in Dublin city. This would be a volunteer run, free to access space, offering everyone the opportunity to teach and learn anything that took their fancy; emphasising non-coercive, peer learning and hands on workshops and labs. … Continue reading

Spotlight on workshop: Using CeltX to write short films

Topic CeltX is a free open source solution for scriptwriting for radio, stage and screen. The software allows online collaboration and automatically formats scripts into a variety of specific formats, including screenplay and BBC radio. Content Lecture-dem, hands-on trialling, leading to a one or two page script! This will introduce wannabe scriptwriters to the free … Continue reading

Guidelines for Participants

Check out our guidelines for participants of Open Learning Ireland’s Learn Something; Share Something; Do Something Week of free lectures and workshops (25th February – 2nd March, Seomra Spraoi). The Guide includes directions, frequently asked questions and a lot of bad jokes. It’s also written in the style of a classic text based adventure game. … Continue reading

Weekly Meeting Minutes – 18.02.13

Open Learning Ireland Meeting Minutes 19.02.13   We have a venue! – Seomra Spraoi – Our event will take up several rooms in the space, providing us with additional capacity We have a new volunteer – Mariafelicia – Other new volunteers not at meeting – Sarah O’Keefe – Robert Mulligan – Naomi will handle volunteer … Continue reading

New Venue for February Event!

Hi folks, we’re proud to announce a change of venue for our Learn Something; Share Something; Do Something event Feb 25th – March 2nd. Open Learning Ireland will be resident at the Seomra Spraoi autonomous social space. Seomra is located at 10 Belvedere Court, off Gardener St in Dublin 1 (directions here). Seomra have been … Continue reading

New Hub for Online Courses

Online courses provided by major universities are nothing new. It’s now ten years since MIT’s Open Courseware allowed students anywhere on earth to virtually sit in on the most prestigious engineering courses imaginable, free. In the process negotiating the copyright and trademark labyrinth that stood in the way of truly free course materials. This in turn has helped … Continue reading