Weekly Meeting Minutes – 18.02.13

Open Learning Ireland Meeting Minutes 19.02.13



We have a venue!
– Seomra Spraoi
– Our event will take up several rooms in the space, providing us with additional capacity

We have a new volunteer – Mariafelicia
– Other new volunteers not at meeting
– Sarah O’Keefe
– Robert Mulligan
– Naomi will handle volunteer rota – enquiries to rota@openlearningireland.com

Need to Advertise
– contact as many blogs, radio stations etc as possible
– Promotions being run by ken, contact him at promotions@openlearningireland.com for help promoting your workshop

Seb has posters!
– take some and spread about Dublin
– update (Tuesday) – city centre done

Schedule Done – released this evening

Hacklab will run throughout the week (except Saturday)
– Seb will run it with Andrew / Richie etc help
– It will happen in open space upstairs, along with other hands on activities
(e.g.: micromanufacturing workshop)

– Need to put our a general call

To Do

1) Ask Barry Semple to put our schedule on Seomra calendar
2) WSM room availability (waiting to hear back)?
3) iFrame embed of calendar on our website
4) Phone all participants to confirm time etc
5) Put out participant pack (Gareth will do on Tuesday afternoon)
6) Make blogposts about individual workshops
7) Create video / podcast discussing the week
8) Promote to blogs etc
– Upstart
– College societies / clubs
– Come here to me blog
– broadsheet.ie
– writing blogs
– drama blogs
– irishblogs.ie (search education etc)
– Tog and Science Gallery have offered to help promote (Naomi)
– Email bobby / fabian
9) Create FB events for workshops etc (Ken)
10) Contact Rachel Ryan – to SCHEDULE
11) Find out about keys from Seomra!!!! NB NB
12) Donations welcomed
13) Request signage
– donations -’Open Learning Ireland is a free learning event entirely run by volunteers. All our costs are met by donations. Seomra Spraoi is a free space also maintained by volunteers. All Seomras costs are met by donations too. We’re splitting any donations towards the event with our hosts, so you’re helping two groups when you donate’.
– Open Learning Ireland (Front Door)
– Right arrow ‘Open Learning Ireland – Free Learning Festival this way’ (street)
– Room Labels (numbered)
– Map of Venue (Seb will design)
14) Create and collect response cards
15) Purchase sign in book – Name, age email etc


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